Designed to be a multiplayer party game but can be played solo as well (no one said you can't party on your own). You ideally use a controller (but keyboard works as well) to grab food OR pinch your opponents to deny them food, both actions use your weapon of choice: chopsticks.

Left stick to move
Triggers to open and close chopsticks for picking up food, or pinching!
"East" button is for eating
"South" button to confirm
START is for connecting in the "press start" screen

WASD to move
C to close and V to open chopsticks, use to pick up food or pinch opponents
E to eat
Space or enter to confirm & connect in the "press start" screen

Oliver Fahlström - Programmer
Danai Katsoula Johansson - Artist
Thérèse Lundqvist - Product Owner
Shai Panaga - Lead Artist
Jungbin Sir -  Artist
Alex Sokolov - Lead Programmer
Albin Westberg - Producer, Lead Tester

Special thanks to Ville Wickman for composing the music!

Sound effects from
Font from


Download 38 MB


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Took me so long to realise my sushi kept disappearing because i was pressing the triggers to hard, would be nice if that was explained.

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you might have already fixed it but the starting menu seems to have interactivity issues. Can't press a single button

It should be fixed now :) thanks for letting us know!